Our French teachers are...

All of our teachers are highly qualified, professional teachers, teaching French in Paris either at the university or in established language schools. They all partnered up with F for French to fully live their job in a friendly, alternative fashion.

Pierre Chazal - French teacher

Pierre, 41 years old

Senior teacher, Founder of F for French

Graduated from EDHEC Business School and Paris IV Sorbonne. Master 2 in Linguistics & French as a Foreign Language. Worked for Langue Onze, Montagu School (UK), Accord Langues and ALIP before founding F for French in 2015. 

Frédérique - French teacher

Frédérique, 49 years old

Senior teacher

Graduated from University Rabelais in Tours. Master 2 in French as a Foreign Language. Worked in Spain & in the US. She's been teaching drama classes to foreign students for more than 15 years.

Pierre Chazal - French teacher

Bruno, 56 years old

Senior teacher

Graduated from University of Rouen, he has been teaching French as a Foreign Language for over 20 years at Accord Langues. He now teaches classes at the Mairie de Paris and is mostly specialized in adult literacy.

Vincent - French teacher

Diane, 27 years old

Junior teacher

After a 3-year working experience in Mexico, teaching French and organiszing cultural events, Diane returned to Rouen, where she worked at French in Normandy, before moving to Paris in 2018.

Nicolas - French teacher

Eugénie, 38 years old

Senior Teacher

Graduated from Paris IV Sorbonne. Master 2 in Linguistics & French as a Foreign Language, Eugenie has a long history of teaching corporate and business French and is a permanent teacher at l'Alliance Interculturelle de Paris (ALIP).

Nicolas - French teacher

Ahmed, 32 years old

Junior teacher

He has been teaching French for 5 years at the Lycée Français of Cairo (Egypt) before moving back to Paris, where he currently undertakes his Master's degree in Métiers de l'enseignement, de l'éducation et de la formation at Paris III University.

Emmanuel - French teacher

Emmanuel, 52 years old

Senior teacher

Creator of many educational games, teacher in communication and oral expression, he regularly works for University La Sorbonne, as well as the lecturers of the Musées Nationaux.