They studied with F for French...

'' I am very thankful to Frédérique and Pierre, whose teaching method made it possible for me to expand my command of the French language, even with limited time to study at home. My grammar skills have improved a lot during my 3-month course. ''

Marcos R, Brazil



'' I spent almost one year with F for French and my French improved significantly, from the scratch to an ability to speak freely with locals. The ambiance of lessons was amazing, they help students to feel comfortable and progress step by step. ''

Daria A, Russia

Marketing assistant


'' After 5 private lessons with F for French, I'm returning to Australia with renewed enthusiasm and commitment to learning this beautiful language. A real highlight of my visit to Paris, and highly recommended. "

Robyn P, Australia

Music teacher


'' F for French helped me enormously to improve my French through a combination of private and duo conversation classes. Pierre and the other teachers are patient, kind and supportive, and boost confidence as well as target specific areas in need of improvement. ''

Sara F, UK

Philosophy teacher


'' F for French has given me confidence and absolute joy in learning and speaking French. I have loved the combination of individual, duo and group lessons which have really enhanced my learning experience. "

Lucy CNew Zealand

au pair


'' I just had a two-day course as I was in Paris for a few days. However, it was an excellent opportunity to practice the language and learn more. Pierre Chazal, great teacher ! ''

Gerdina V, Peru

English teacher


'' Highly professional teachers that created a personalised program for me, which allowed me to improve very fast in my before non-existent French. '' 

Yannic M, Germany

hospitality student