F for French offers flexible, customisable teaching for any learner. Here are listed five categories which most learners fall into. For each and everyone of them, we provide tailor-made speaking, listening, reading and writing activities for every level from A1 (beginner) to C2 (advanced) *


Resident Learner

You've just moved in Paris or been living here for a few years. Your French is nonexistent or needs some polishing.

Either way, we'll provide you with suitable tools for your daily interactions.

 Holiday maker

You're here on a visiting mood but could use some French lessons to spice up your holidays.

Whether you go for cultural or language learning, we'll find a way to accomodate you.

Holiday Learner


Student Learner

You're in Paris on an Erasmus program or staying a few weeks for a language study travel. From beginners to advanced speakers, we'll help you make the most of your stay.


Pro learner

You work in France, you need French for your job and/or your future career. 

We'll assess your needs and help you feel at ease in your working environment. 


Group learners

Corporate, student, resident or expatriate, we open specific classes for any group of learners willing to learn French together. 

* European framework levelchart CEFR

European framework levelchart CEFR