Multiform teaching

F for French combines 3 types of teaching:

Private French lessons - F for French


The cornerstone of F for French tailor-made teaching. One-on-one lessons with specific content and language targets.

Duo French lessons - F for French


Two-on-one lessons allowing you to practice your French with another student of the same level. 

Mini-class French lessons - F for French


Small classes (3-8 students) running all year long for every level (elementary, intermediate, advanced).

Before starting any new course, a teacher of F for French will assess your level, needs and wishes during a 20 to 30mn interview. As your referring teacher, he will guide you through your learning process and provide you with a tailor-made program.

Flexible lessons

Flexible French lessons with F for French

Private lessons, pair lessons and mini-classes run on a flexible schedule to meet your agenda, Monday to Saturday, 9:00 to 21:00.


Each lesson, whether private, pair or in mini-class, lasts 1,5 h.

Your referring teacher will agree with you on a weekly timetable and conduct your private and duo lessons. He could also assign you to an existing mini-class if it fits your level and your learning cruve. 

Tailor-made content

Customized French lessons at F for French

Although strong focus will be laid on oral interaction through a wide set of speaking/listening activities * , the main focus of F for French is to provide you with relevant teaching, taking into account not only your language skills but also your profile and specific needs in French.

Your referring teacher will use and/or create tailor-made teaching material to best accommodate your learning. Feel free to tell him/her about whatever language aspect you wish to put extra work on.

* Grammar won't be left behind but will usually be taught in a proactive, dynamic way Homework and exercises will more often than not come in support of the learning process.