Who is exactly my "referring teacher" and what is his role?

Your referring teacher is the teacher you meet on day 1 and whose job is to assess your level, target your needs and expectations and get your lessons started. He/she's the one you'll have private tuitons with and (s)he's the one who'll be monitoring your progress. 

As a tutor, (s)he will offer you to complement your private lessons with duo lessons and mini-class lessons. In lesser words, (s)he is your main contact at F for French, the one you will stay in close contact with during your whole time with us.

Is it possible to ask for private tuitions only?

Absolutely. Specify on Day 1 or while filling out the pre-booking form that you desire private tuitions only and that's what you'll get. Some learners like the "classroom" feeling, others prefer to be one on one or two on one with a teacher, but we strongly suggest you take full advantage of our multiform teaching and combine the three options.

How flexible F for French really is?

As flexible as our agendas fit. Let's say you'd like to have 3 private lessons with your teacher next week, preferably before lunchtime, and we'll probably find a way to accomodate you. But the more flexible you are yourself, the easier it will be to agree on a schedule.

Is it possible to agree on a fixed schedule?

Of course. Steady lessons at a steady pace (f.e. every Tuesday and Friday 10:30 to 12:00) is what most learners (especially residents and pros) would seek. Where flexitime is not needed, we'll be more than happy to agree on a weekly or daily routine.

What happens if I miss a lesson? Do I lose a coupon?

No. You can cancel a lesson, it will be rescheduled. Just give us a call to let us know beforehand. Same if you miss a class you were supposed to attend.

No lesson taken = no coupon due. Bear in mind however that lesson tickets are not refundable.

How long do I have to use my coupons?

Six months starting from the day you bought them. Gives you plenty of time to polish up your French, don't you think?